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Academy of Finance

Academy of Finance

Academy of Finance

What is the Academy of Finance?
The Academy of Finance connects high school students with
the world of financial services, management, and
entrepreneurship. What makes the experience unique is that
students will have the opportunity to collaborate with local
and national business partners to gain work experience, build
technical skills and access a professional network in their

Why get involved?
Today’s high school students are tomorrow’s leaders,
innovators, and entrepreneurs. If you are interested in
shaping and diversifying the future workforce, starting
outreach at the high school level is critical. You can provide
an essential bridge between the classroom and the

Ways to Contribute
– Join our advisory board
– Guest speak in a classroom
– Teach a lesson
– Hold informational interviews
– Coach or mentor a project
– Host a worksite visit, job shadow or an intern
– Sponsor an event
– Make a donation

If you are interested in learning more about the
Academy of Finance or getting involved, please contact:

Office: (914) 376-8400
Email: smulqueen@yonkerspublicschools.org