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Charter School of Educational Excellence

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Mission Statement: The Charter School of Educational Excellence’s mission is to develop students who are critical thinkers, motivated leaders, and lifelong learners. We are committed to a strong partnership with our teachers, parents, and community. Our Vision: is to create a school that has high expectations for every child and challenge each child to surpass the CCLS. In order for our vision to be realized, we believe philosophically that every child must be provided first with a strong foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics. Once the basics have been mastered, the child will have a strong foundation from which to tackle higher order skills, and to achieve at high levels. Ultimately, we expect to see children engaged in challenging work, such as conducting experiments for deep understanding, exploring cultures and histories using primary documents, engaging in debates of classical literature, analyzing great works of art, and appreciating musical compositions, among others. Our goal is for every child to become a critical thinker and life-long learner. Philosophy : The fundamental belief at the Charter School of Educational Excellence is that ALL CHILDREN CAN LEARN. All children have the right to attend schools in which they can progress and learn. They shall have a real opportunity to learn equally rigorous content. We hold our school accountable to the same standards as those of the highest performing schools in our state. The Charter School of Educational Excellence encourages teachers to engage in “Performance-based” instruction, so that our students learn both the basics and the higher-level skills they will need after graduation. Performance-based classes are more difficult to design and teach than the lecture approach, but they help children learn better and become excited about learning. Children learn by doing. Students are required to prove, through their projects and presentations, that they have mastered knowledge and skills in language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science.

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